About Astrid Furholt

I was born in1967 and grew up on the farm Furholt in the municipalithy of Birkenes.  I am an ordinary woman working as a cancer-nurse.  To many people however I have this exceptional interest for glaciers and very cold areas.

The dream about a long and strenious tour!

This makes my dream of a long and extreme tour in Antarktis something I could not let go.It has been there for a long time, and gradually grown ripe.
After having discussed it with Børge Ousland, the only thing was to get started.  Børge helped me to find the right route, a very special route that no woman until now has managed to walk. It would in many ways be unique, because the fact that it would be historic makes it to a very high goal to work towards. It will probably be noticed that a woman is going to make this route.

Since it was decided what route to go, nothing but this tour and The South Pole has been on my mind 24/7.

Literature has to be read, experiences from others have to be collected and put into a system with my own experiences. I have to find out where» my own holes of knowledges » are, and then «fill in» those holes. Nothing must be left to chances.

I know that my dream looks some numbers too big, but I believe it is possible.

I am «old enough» to be able to fulfill such a tour because I am properly trained and have an extreme staying power,and my will and calmness is there These things are neccecary qualities to manage the severe and hard circumstances for 70 days.
Since I was a young girl I have been fasinated by extreme athletics. It made my blood go wild. It led me to choose an untraditional relation to sport.
For many years I did potholding(withe water kayaking) and got some national medals. I loved my sport, the challenges and the tensions it gave me. The wild streams, the challenges of mastering them in a secure way. These experiences from earlier now make me consentrate on security and to hvve the survey. This I will need on the cracked areas of Antarktis.

I want to make my dream come true before it is too late!

My many workinghouers with patiens gave me experiences that «go under your skin».Al the fantastic people I have met who were fighting to survive, or to have some more days to live.

Meeting those people has given me different perspectives on how to live.

My whole life I have seen how the narrow border between life and death, done and undone The pain of all the dreams which were not realities because the time was running out.

How many times I have heard my patients tell me that they should have done more to achieve their dreams. That thei should not have postphoned it but dared to do more. Lived more.
This advice I am going to follow. I want to fulfill my dream before it is too late.

One of the keys to achieve my goals, is my will and my burning desire and hunger to make them come true. I work hard and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to find solutions, so I can achieve my goals and dreams. The most important thing for me in reaching my goals is my own will, my burning desire,and the «hunger» to carry out what I intend to do.
I am working hard, and am ready to do what has to be done to find solutions so I can obtain my goals and fulfill my dreams.

I’ve worked hard to save money for my trips, but now I need outside help. The costs are too high for me to be able to do it alone this time.

It feels demeaning asking for financial support, but I know that the choice is between doing it or to give up the dream.

My wish is that more people will take these people’s realizations seriously, doing someting about his or her dream, before it’s too late!
What’s your dream?  #finndinsydpol

This simple little question, that can get you thinking so much. Or even to put into words something you do not really dare, or think you can.
How about putting words to it? Why not try?

I’ll cheer for you when you pursue your South Pole!

This can mean hard work, some sacrifices, some mental challenges needs to be negotiated. One has to make choices and be responsible for them, but it’s going to be worth it. I think my patients know and have known it personnally, what it means to not have tried, and not have taken the chance. Let us take their words seriously, and do something about it, while we still can do something, while we still have the chance!

Let’s cheer each other on, and chase a dream!




When dreams come true!

One needs only a dream. A dream that stands out. That engages. That gives courage to learn and familiarize themselves with a unique goal.

Many things must be in place before we can undertake major tours. Hours of hard work and countless fitness classes. Details in place to achieve a unique trip. Ups and downs are part of it all. Having the right focus and work consciously for what I want to achieve is something I’ve had to learn. Otherwise I wouldn’t have a chance to succeed.

I’ve had to learn to resist all well-intentioned words whether I should follow my dreams or not. I’ve had to choose not to be a product of my environment – but to be a product of my own choices and decisions.

Companies and organizations need from time to time a small vitamin injection from someone on the outside. Someone who has found the motivation to do  something extra ordinary, a challenge they initially thought they could achieve. Someone who can inspire and challenge you.

I will gladly share my experiences, please contact me!
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